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Click™ & Click Mini Scanners

Click™, Click Mini - developed specifically for the self-service market

When people see the new KIC Click™ or Click Mini for the first time, the most common expression is "it's so beautiful." And with True2Touch, it's as easy to use as it is beautiful. Our new and exciting Click Mini book scanner achieves a far more affordable price point for face-up book scanning than ever before. Are there any compromises? You decide.

The KIC Click™ captures book content as fast as 1 page per second! With a bed size 30% larger than its nearest competitor, it captures up to 21x16 inch books and materials at an uncompromising resolution of 300dpi.

The KIC Click Mini captures 30 book pages per minute! It produces sharp, clear images in full color at 300dpi for instant access on tablets, notebooks, smart devices and easy transfer to desktop PCs and servers. Its 12.25 x 19.2 inch bed size is significantly larger than double-letter and is large enough for most book pages. Very large books can be scanned one page at a time sideways and the images rotated. And of course, it handles loose paper and other flat material, too.

Photocopiers, PCs, monitors and keyboards clutter up otherwise beautiful libraries across America. The smooth, triple-layer, pearlescent white KIC Click™ totally reverses that trend. It adds beauty to the most beautiful libraries. Inspired by an outstanding effort of the fledgling tablet industry to turn technology into something more like jewelry or a fashion accessory than a computer, the pearlescent KIC Click™ evokes comments like, "We care about the appearance of our library and this machine is over the top!"

The KIC Click™ and Click Mini perfectly complete the KIC family of self-serve digitizing systems. The KIC Bookeye 4 has the most durable production book scanner, the only book scanner with both V-cradle and flat modes, and the highest quality 600dpi of any scanner. The KIC Clicks are small, fast and beautiful, and the KIC BookEdge is cheaper than most floor standing black-and-white photocopiers. And since none of them use toner or paper, they're environmentally friendly and ultimately far cheaper to run than copiers.

Key Features of Click™ and Click Mini

The Click™'s and Click Mini's sleek look and elegant design put the full KIC self-serve digitization functionality into a mere 25(Click) / 20(Click Mini) inch width. It's large, 23(Click) / 22(Click Mini) inch touch screen and capture surface are at the perfect heights when placed on a typical table or desktop. Both Click™ and Click Mini also have an optional matching stand for freestanding operation. The optional KIC SmartDock feature can transfer 10-20 full-color pages per second directly to any smart device.

  • Digitize / copy up to 16x21 inch pages in full color
  • Create full color electronic images and/or paper copies with just two touches
  • Review large electronic images before saving or printing copies
  • Electronically collate and print copies on a standard laser printer
  • Create searchable PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and editable text files
  • Create audio files from text for MP3 players, including iPods
  • Go 'green'. Promote minimal use of paper and ink.
  • Charge for prints, not for images
  • Output to USB devices, email, file servers, the Web & printers
  • Minimize book spine damage with face-up scanning

Unlike copiers and flatbed scanners, both KIC Click™ and Click Mini allow users to digitize books face-up, without damaging books by having to press them hard against a glass plate. The Click™'s / Click Mini's lightening speed is derived as much from its fast opto-electronics as from the fact that its face-up design obviates the need to flip books over and over again during the digitization process.

The Click™ and Click Mini produce beautiful, full-color images at no additional cost over black & white images! Searchable PDF's and editable text files are a snap to create. As with all KIC self-serve systems, scanner's text-to-speech capability produces audio files that can be played in any MP3 player. Studying and research have never been so easy!

Document Formats Click Click Mini
Autoformat w/edge Recognition 16 x 22 inches 12.25 x 19.2 inches
DIN Formats DIN A5 to DIN A2 DIN A5 to DIN A2
US ANSI Formats Legal, Letter Legal, Letter
Performance Specification
Scan Speed (24 bit) 2.1 seconds (full bed)
3.7 sec per page for multiple pages
0.5 second per page for multiple pages
109 seconds seconds for 30 pages at 300 dpi
Max Scan Area 16 x 22 inches 12.25 x 19.2 inches
Max Resolution 300 dpi 300 dpi
Technical Specifications
Output Color Depth 24 bit color, 8 Bit grayscale & 1 bit B&W 24 bit color, 8 Bit grayscale & 1 bit B&W
Digital File Interfaces USB 2.0, email, FTP, Web/Cloud storage, file folder (for library staff only) USB 2.0, email, direct to smart device, network file folder (for staff & faculty only), FTP
Web/Cloud Output Formats Google Drive, iCloud (Apple), DropBox, OneDrive (Microsoft), Amazon Cloud Drive, Box ( Google Drive, iCloud (Apple), DropBox, OneDrive (Microsoft), Amazon Cloud Drive, Box (
Image Output Formats PDF, JPEG and PNG
rich text and searchable PDF (optional)
rich text and searchable PDF (optional)
Text Output Formats Rich Text (RTF) Rich Text (RTF)
Audio Output Formats MP3 audio text-to-speech (optional) MP3 audio text-to-audio (optional)
Image Treatment Functions Split pages (left & right), crop, change brightness/contrast, change resolutions (dpi), select color, grayscale, or B&W Split pages (left & right), eliminate book curve, clip, crop, change brightness/contrast, change resolutions (dpi), select color, grayscale, or B&W
Lamps White LEDs, no IR/UV emission White LEDs, no IR/UV emission
Power Consumption Touch and View: 110W Operation Touch on Top: 120W Operation Touch and View: 130W Operation Slim: 110W Operation
Dimensions of Scanner
(H x W x D)
Tabletop w/Touch on Top: 23 x 25 x 27 inches
Tabletop w/Touch & View: 23 x 45 x 27 inches
K-stand Model: 68 x 25 x 27 inches
Tabletop w/Touch on Top: 20 x 20 x 20 inches
Tabletop w/Touch & View: 23 x 40 x 20 inches
K-stand Model: 68 x 20 x 20 inches
Weight of Scanner ≈ 75 lbs Tabletop Model: 35 lbs (PC not included)
Options and Functions
Printer Interface 10/100/1000 megabit Ethernet or USB 2.0 10/100/1000 megabit Ethernet or USB 2.0
Printed Output Formats 8.5 x 11", 11 x 17", simplex, duplex, color & monochrome (printer not included) 8.5 x 11", 11 x 17", simplex, duplex, color & 13 x 19" monochrome (printer not included)

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